If you are looking for a Norwegian dish that is prepared with Halal Meat, you are in luck. There are many halal products available in Norway, including fatty meat and reindeer. You can even find halal chicken sausages. But how do you know which product is Halal? Read on to find out! This article outlines the process and how to find halal products.

Halal reindeer meat


A slaughterhouse in Norway is planning to begin using halal reindeer meat in its dishes soon. The Islamic Council of Norway, along with the Norwegian government, is supervising the project. If the slaughterhouse is successful, the meat may even wind up in the menus of exclusive restaurants in Dubai. As for the taste, the meat is said to be distinctly different from conventional beef and pork. This change is a welcome development for Muslims and Christians alike.

Halal chicken sausages


You might be surprised to learn that you can find Norwegian Dishes made with Halal chicken meat in stores. The company behind the sausages said the mistake was a result of human error. Previously, the sausages were labeled as turkey sausages. But after further investigation, the company determined that turkey meat is much cheaper than chicken. It has now changed the label to reflect this fact. It also added an ingredient called pork salt.

Raspeballer is a dish made with fatty meat


In Norway, Raspeballer is a common dish made with salted and fatty Hilal meat. The dish is often topped with condiments such as melted butter, bacon fat, and lard. Some recipes even include mashed rutabagas or boiled potatoes. There are also versions with cured meats or boiled potatoes. In Canada, Raspeball is also commonly known as Farikal.

Demand for halal certification in Norway

In Norway, the demand for halal certification is increasing as the country becomes a net importer and exporter of fish and its derivatives. Fish and its derivatives are estimated to be worth $10 billion a year. Fish oil companies have been seeking halal certification for their products to meet growing demand in Eastern Asia. The global fish oil market was estimated at $2.22 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach $3.93 billion by 2020. Norway’s major export markets for halal products include the Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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